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Innovation with solar structures


Let's get started! At Girona Solar, we are thrilled to announce our innovative project.

To boost efficiency and sustainability in the field of solar energy, we at Girona Solar have conceived a proposal that aims to revolutionize how we harness renewable energy and shade, turning it into productive shade.

The creation of solar structures increases the versatility of photovoltaic panels, allowing them to be installed without depending on a roof. With our structures, you can place panels on your terrace, parking lot, pool, and simultaneously generate productive shade in these spaces.

While Girona Solar is a newly established company, it does not mean we lack experience. The idea behind this company originated in the offices of our allied company, Tendals Gircat 
With their team of technicians, we managed to merge the concepts of awnings and solar energy, resulting in our iron and aluminum solar structures.

We invite you to browse our website and explore all the available products.